Wilco Appoints Natasha Shine-Zirkel as Chief Commercial Officer

Wilco, which develops an upskilling platform for software developers, announced Monday that Natasha Shine-Zirkel has joined the company as chief commercial officer. Shine-Zirkel will be instrumental in Wilco’s strategy and growth, with responsibilities spanning all customer-facing functions including Marketing, DevRel, Sales, CSM and Partnerships.

Prior to joining Wilco, Shine-Zirkel was responsible for the Business Verticals group at Fiverr, overseeing more than half of the freelance services catalog. Previously, she held leadership positions in Marketing, BizDev, Operations, and Developer Relations at leading technology companies including Kin, Kik, and Rounds.

“Wilco has introduced a truly innovative skills development platform, giving engineers the ability to continuously challenge themselves and elevate their level of expertise,” said Natasha Shine-Zirkel. “The Wilco team has demonstrated incredible traction in a short time – in terms of building a talented team, growing users, funding and partnerships – which speaks to the tremendous value Wilco brings to the gaming community. I’m excited to join this mission-driven team and work with them to bring Wilco’s solution to developers around the world, making accelerated career growth accessible to everyone.

Wilco’s platform acts as a “flight simulator” for software developers, allowing them to hone key soft and technical skills through hands-on training. In the game experience, developers join a fantastic tech startup and complete captivating challenges that replicate the complicated scenarios they’ll encounter on the job, while using their real tools and tech stack. Just months after its launch, the platform already has thousands of active users, and leading developer tool companies such as New Relic, Applitools, and JFrog have partnered with Wilco to create training content.

Wilco was founded in 2021 by On Freund (CEO), Shem Magnezi (CTO) and Alon Carmel (CPO).

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