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As the curtain falls on a turbulent 2021, we bring you the Top 10 Influential People from Voice Entertainment. SHARON MATHALA has compiled the following list of personalities who have kept us going with their ability to captivate, develop or even change our way of thinking and / or our behaviors.

The following list of names is not necessarily based on the number of social media followers but on an overall impact on our small society. The list has no particular order

Palesa Molefe (Miss Botswana 2021)
A late entrant on the roster is Miss Botswana Queen, Palesa Molefe. With everything going on in the world, Mampale, as she is affectionately known on social media platforms, is a breath of fresh air for Batswana. For the first time in a long time, the Batswana are united in the call for support from the native of Mochudi. The Queen has motivated a lot of people to believe that there is good in this world. We have no doubts that next year Molefe would have done great things not only for herself but also for the country, that is, if she receives the necessary support of course.

Daniel Dan Kenosi
Often referred to as a controversial journalist, Daniel Dan Kenosi is undoubtedly a leading influencer. Kenosi, known to all across age groups, even caught the attention of the government and the president. With huge success, despite removing his official Facebook page once, Kenosi often sparks debate by exposing and posting all kinds of information, even though he sometimes makes the headlines himself.

Kgosietsile Ngaakagae
A flamboyant lawyer, Kgosietsile Ngaakagae is another popular figure who often sets the public agenda and leads the debate on social media. Ngakaagae often demonstrates strong communication and persuasion skills on many serious and important topics such as the death penalty and gender issues. However, it was his campaign to “locate the poultry industry” that catapulted him to celebrity rank among the Batswana.

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Uyapo Ndadi
Also a lawyer by profession, Uyapo Ndadi is another notable key influencer. He is very popular on social media and his opinion counts for a lot. Whether political or social, Ndadi’s words always attract attention and spark debate.

Sonny Serite
A journalist by profession, Sonny Serite is a media personality you cannot ignore. In the past his scathing criticisms of the government had won him notoriety, but now it’s his profiling of CEDA-funded companies, with individuals telling their stories and inspiring others, that has earned him popularity. and earned it a spot on our list.

William Last KRM (William Buffalo Molebatsi)
William Last KRM is another social media icon. His big breakthrough came from short videos online and now the comedian-turned-rapper is one of the most-followed personalities with massive international appeal. He was recently chosen to participate as an influencer at the Dubai Expo and represent the country on the world stage.

Theo Bome aka Hey Nyeena
“Hey Nyeeena” is a popular figure in entertainment circles. Theo Bome is now one of the more reserved MCs this holiday season and his popularity and influence among “my bad bad” has earned him a spot on this list. His free spirit and down to earth personality have earned him followers and fans who revere the ground he walks on or should it be the beer he drinks? He has been hired by big companies to bring their products to market and all we can say is 2021 has been a good year for him and I hope his star will continue to shine in the year to come. .

Rapper Setimamolelo is another force that has rocked the country for the past two years. Born Atlasaone Molemogi, ATI’s movement has hundreds of fans idolizing the talented superstar. Even though it receives fewer bookings during this festive period, its influence is undoubtedly felt at all ages. By the way, I’ve never seen ATI with a mask on, even in public, have I?

Dr Gure
“Re bankanya malwapa”, the sex doctor and commentator Dr Gure born Thusang Gure is another popular figure in the country. His “teachings” on sexual and health topics have earned him popularity across the board and a place in our top 10.

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Marang Selolwane
Wife of famous football star Dipsey Selolwane and new mother to his child, Marang Selolwame is the second woman to make our list. Marang, who has been in the limelight since her teenage years on television, is hugely successful on social media, but it was her pregnancy stories that really took off. She was even hired by BOMAID to promote their feature film BOMBABY. His composed personality has won him favor with many companies lining up to use his image and personality to influence the brand.

(Issue V1229 FRIDAY 24.12.2021)

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