There is a push for unemployment reform in the $ 3.5 trillion package


For example, setting a higher standard for the amount of weekly benefits and automatic “stabilizers” would likely prove too costly for the $ 3.5 trillion budget measure, they said.

“There’s no place for that right now,” Conti said. “But we will fight tooth and nail for it on an ongoing basis.”

Moderate Democrats have previously balked at the floating price of comprehensive legislation, which includes measures on climate, health care, education, paid time off and child care.

The Senate bill proposed on Monday would set a six-month floor for unemployment benefits. Most states currently offer a maximum duration of 26 weeks of benefits. But some – Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina and South Carolina – offer less, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. (North Carolina offers up to 13 weeks, the least.)

The bill would also make more part-time workers eligible for benefits and require technological improvements.

“This program has been so interrupted for so long, and has truly failed the workers of this country for many decades, that some improvement will be better than nothing,” Diez said.


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