The University of Transylvania gets closer to 100% vaccinated


LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) – The University of Transylvania is vaccinating 94% of its university community, a spokeswoman said on Wednesday, a week before the Oct. 13 deadline to comply with its vaccination mandate.

“I think our immunization rate indicates that exactly what people have done is make informed decisions about their health,” said Megan Moloney, vice president of communications and marketing at the university. “[It’s] about public health and what they can do to help protect their community.

The university promulgated a mandate on the COVID-19 vaccine in late August after the FDA granted full clearance for the Pfizer vaccine. At the time, Moloney said, about 74% of the campus community was vaccinated.

According to data from the University of Kentucky, 85% of students have been vaccinated, along with 95% of faculty. Unlike Transylvania, the UK does not have a vaccine mandate.

LEX 18 also contacted Berea College, which was one of the first colleges or universities in the state to issue a vaccination warrant. Jodi Whitaker, Head of Media Relations, made the following statement:

“Students were to be vaccinated or given a waiver before returning to campus for classes in the fall 2021 semester. All but five of the 1,550 students enrolled this semester at Berea College are vaccinated, and those five have received medical or religious dispensations. The five unvaccinated students are tested for COVID every week.

“About 100 students have chosen not to return to campus this semester. Freshmen were given the option to postpone their first semester until spring 2022, while others opted to take time off.

“As of Monday, 89% of Berea College employees have been vaccinated. There is no deadline for employee vaccinations, as these are not mandatory but are encouraged. Unvaccinated employees must be tested for COVID weekly. “


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