Stakeholders want agrochemical companies and sponsors of toxic pesticides to be punished

Communities, farmer associations, worker groups and CSOs affected by pesticide exposure have been called upon to consider litigation as a way to demand justice for damage to the environment and human health.

And as a way to seek compensation from agrichemical companies and their sponsors who promote the use of highly toxic pesticides without continuous monitoring of application, the provision of safety kits or the provision of licensed pesticide applicators.

Stakeholders at the one-day documentary screening and panel discussion on Double Standard of Pesticides and Improved Pesticide Regulation in Nigeria held recently in Abuja, lamented the double standard of Europeans and the West who block highly hazardous pesticides (HHPs), obsolete and adulterated pesticides produced in their field for export to developing countries.

This was part of the demand from stakeholders at the meeting organized by Alliance for Action on Pesticide in Nigeria (AAPN), a coalition of over 40 civil society organizations, academics, independent scientists and media professionals, which are committed to eliminating all highly hazardous products. pesticides (HHP), obsolete and falsified pesticides from Nigeria and West Africa.

Stakeholders in the call to action statement said they are working to end the double standard that exists in the global trade in active ingredients and pesticide products.

“The issue under consideration concerns pesticides and active ingredients that are either banned or not approved in the EU due to health or environmental concerns, but are nevertheless exported outside the EU by companies agrochemicals and are then sold to other parts of the world,” they said.

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