School zone speeders caught on camera could be fined $250 for each violation | Crime and courts

In fact, Abercrombie said his company’s education program to educate motorists about school safety issues before installing speed cameras in an area has a track record of reducing speeding by 84% in school areas.

He said adding cameras to a school zone reduces speeding violations by an additional 10%, in part because many motorists will start driving through areas with speed cameras and instead use other streets. near.

“We don’t care. It’s perfect. It makes school zones safer,” Abercrombie said. “We believe these programs should be run with the goal of making areas as safe as possible.”

This episode of the ‘Riding Shotgun with NWI Cops’ series takes viewers around Munster in the middle of the festive season.

Abercrombie said speed camera companies can work with localities as part of the contract negotiation process to limit the use of school zone cameras to specific times or days, or set a minimum speed, such as 10 mph above the limit, before a citation is issued.

But he declined to say whether that would require localities to agree to give the camera company a larger share of quote revenue, as the costs of buying, installing and operating camera equipment would remain. largely the same.

“I’m not going to get into income and that kind of stuff,” Abercrombie said.

Previous efforts to authorize the use of speed cameras in Indiana have repeatedly failed in the General Assembly due to bipartisan concerns about motorist privacy, perceived limited safety benefits, and suspicion that the enforcement of the cameras would only be a money grab by the state or local governments.

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