Residents of Council Bluffs wait for power to restore

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Ia – MidAmerican Energy Company said it was prepared for Wednesday’s windstorms, but the damage was very extensive.

“If you take tornado damage in a city, it is confined to a fairly narrow area. In this case, we had a tornado outbreak, a lot of tornadoes and really the whole state was affected by the event. strong wind So the result was that it affected our equipment in large areas of Iowa, ”said Geoff Greenwood, media relations manager for MidAmerican Energy.

At its peak, the energy company had 63,000 customers who experienced outages across their service area. Now in the Council Bluffs area much of the power has been restored but a number of power lines are still down and some poles are split.

“If we have a row of utility poles that broke, we need to remove each of those poles from the ground after making sure it’s safe and moving these overhead lines out of the pole. Take the pole off, take a new pole, install the lines safely and re-energize the system – it just takes time, ”said Greenwood.

The process of restoring power, especially after a widespread event, takes a long time. The company claims to use a pyramid scheme to prioritize customers.

First, they repair the transmission lines that supply a large number of customers. Then, they restore power to buildings such as utilities and hospitals. After that, they’ll go down the distribution lines, prioritizing those that affect the most people.

Greenwood says MidAmerican is working around the clock to get it done.

Some customers, like Harley Carberry, said that while it was a downside, he was used to it. Carberry says he’s just shocked at how much damage has been done after the storm has passed for a few minutes.

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