New location of Tulsa Children’s Museum to open by December | Local News

“Really, the volume of this space will only be filled by the exhibits,” she said. “We will be contracting with different groups to produce exhibits.”

Exhibits in the main area will focus on a number of scientific disciplines, Mannell said. The sides of the main hall will feature smaller workshop rooms, which will serve as “DIY challenge areas,” she added.

“It’s going to be harder science experiments in things like chemistry, learning how vaccines work, whatever,” Mannell said. “Science is constantly being built and developed, and this is a place where you can experience that. It should be messy; it should be larger than life.”

The first floor will also offer augmented reality experiences, where visitors can use gaming headset technology to immerse themselves in different environments like Oklahoma’s tall grass prairies, Mannell said.

The second of the building’s three floors will feature five 900-foot classrooms with movable, writable walls. The walls separating the rooms can be slid backwards to create larger spaces for experimentation.

Classrooms can also be rented out for private use for events such as birthdays and reunions, Mannell said.

The third floor of the museum will be mainly used as rental space, she said. The view from the balcony captures the landscaping of the Gathering Place, a view of the river and the Tulsa skyline. The space can accommodate 250 to 300 guests for a sit-down dinner or around 500 guests for a cocktail party, Mannell said.

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