MTI announces a new 440X catamaran

In early 2023, Marine Technology Inc. will have its third new model of outboard motor catamaran on the water. According to Wentzville, Mo. company owner and founder Randy Scism, MTI is currently producing its first 44-foot cat, which includes all new tools and molds for the hull and deck.

MTI’s third outboard motor catamaran is its largest at 44 feet in length.

“We are very excited to announce our new model and we know our customers are excited to see something new from us,” Scism said. “Our customers are always driving our next project and this boat was no different. It’s how we keep going. We started talking about the idea a few years ago, shortly after we introduced the 390X We’ve been through the design phases and the tooling phases and we’re finally ready to let people know the boat is coming.

“We believe this new 44 footer gives our customers something to do when they go from a 34 to a 39 to a 44,” he continued, referring to MTI’s very popular 340X and 390X models. which were introduced in 2016 and 2019, respectively. “We’re always working on something new, so if we can come out with another cat that runs well and we think our customers will like, we’ll do it.”

Scism said it expects the company’s demo boat to be completed early next year, hopefully debuting at the Miami International Boat Show in February, if not soon after. . He also said MTI has eight of the boats on order and the 44-footer will have a larger cockpit to better accommodate the eight-seat layout that MTI has perfected in its 390X.

Zoom on the new cockpit design of the 44-foot catamaran.

“Our motivation for the 440X was simple,” explained Scism. “Wherever we sail it gets more and more crowded, which means it gets harder and harder, and the harder it gets, the more size matters in a boat. This boat is going to open up a whole new world to some of our customers.

“I think we’re going to have fun with the new 44,” he continued. “And, at some point maybe, there will be a bigger engine and it will be good to be ready.”

Taylor Scism, MTI’s customer relations manager, said the 440X will get several design changes from the 390X, including an upgraded dashboard and side panels as well as additional storage space.

“We are continuing production of the 390X; the 440X is not intended to replace it,” she said. “The 440X is our next generation model. It’s our way of giving our customers a boat that still has outboard power, but also has that big boat feel and ride.

Editor’s note: Look for more MTI 440X news as the new model gets ready.

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