Making young people “active actors in the fight against climate change”: Global Youth Leader

By contributing to the fight against “climate injustices”, Ms Ineza said young people are “demanding for damage and loss” funds that the international community has pledged to the countries most affected by climate change.

“The funds we are asking for must be new and additional to those that already exist and we don’t want it to be in the same formality that we have seen in the past,” she said in reference to the $100 billion climate finance target.

She continued in reference to the international community’s climate finance target: “Even the $100 billion pledge that was set earlier was made without any research. It was kind of a promise from the world to tackle climate action, but even that hasn’t been delivered.

The Rwanda native said that unless the issue of climate change is addressed, the labor of young people will be in vain as their efforts will be frustrated by the impacts of environmental degradation.

“If climate change is not resolved, even if you dream of being a farmer, you cannot have that dream because everything is going to be destroyed by a rain for three or five days,” she said, before to add: “Even if you want to be in real estate, you can’t really dream of a big sustainable house because everything could be destroyed by the cyclone or any other event.

Members of SECAM and CDA launched their communiqué at the October 17 virtual conference which was attended by over 50 participants from various organizations. The document brings together suggestions and requests from an African perspective ahead of COP27 scheduled to take place in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, from November 6-18.

In the statement that was read on behalf of SECAM and ACD members during the October 17 virtual session, the First Vice-President of SECAM said policy makers should act quickly to address the climate change crisis.

“Climate change is a moral outrage. It is a tragic and stark example of structural sin, facilitated by callous indifference and selfish greed. The climate crisis is leading to the destruction of our planet, the devastation of the lives of the poor and the detriment of future generations,” Fridolin Besungu Cardinal Ambongo said.

Cardinal Ambongo added, “We, Church leaders and civil society organizations in Africa and beyond, ask world leaders, business leaders and policy makers to heed this important communiqué and, in doing so , to heed the cry of the poor and the cry of the earth.”

The Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), who is also the President of the Justice, Peace and Development Commission of SECAM, expressed concern that the climate crisis has become “a reality lived for the peoples of all Africa”.

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