Lion climbs into the campers tent. Then…


Robert Hofmeyr filmed a lion circling around his camping tent in Botswana.

Cinematographer Robert Hofmeyr was filming with his brother-in-law in Botswana when he was confronted with a sight that would scare the best of us – a lion inside their camping tent. According to Hofmeyr, it was after their first night of camping at Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, when they woke up before dawn, that he saw the lion.

“It was around 6 am, it was still dark, we were making coffee and brushing our teeth when I looked up and the eyes of a young male lion were taken in the light of my headlamp “he told ViralHog.

Surprised, Mr Hofmeyr asked his brother-in-law to get into the car immediately and they both dived for the safety of the vehicle. Once safely inside, he began to film the scene.

Stunning footage filmed by Mr Hofmeyr shows the lion circling their tent and examining their belongings.

“The lion then decided to taste my sleeping bag, which at least amused me less than Andy’s pillow, so we started the car and headed for the tent which made him let go. the sleeping bag and walk away a bit, ”Mr. Hofmeyr said. He added that the big cat was healthy and didn’t seem aggressive at all, just curious.

“What scared me in hindsight was that I had just looked in the direction the lion was approaching. If I hadn’t looked up, or if he had approached from behind the car or the tent we would only have noticed it when it was a few meters away, ”said Mr. Hofmeyr.

Soon after, the lion grabbed a camping chair and fled into the bushes to chew on it. He finally got bored of the chair and walked away into the dark.

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