Lifting Equipment Store appoints new distribution partner in Botswana

Lifting equipment store, the global supplier of material handling equipment, has appointed a distribution partner in Botswana. The new partnership with Croma Civil Engineering Pty will help sell LES’s product line to large companies, including Botswana mines.

LES has distribution partners in Nigeria and Ghana, so this is not a one-off deal with an African country, but the mentoring process that was undertaken between Will Dunn, CEO of LES, and Kelebonye Amanda Mogaladi , MD from Croma, was completely new. Will developed a mentor-like relationship with Kele, teaching her all about lifting equipment and the range of products sold by LES via video calls, to enable local diamond mines to purchase higher quality equipment from larger companies. names, thereby reducing the threat of purchasing the substandard, counterfeit or non-conforming material currently supplied to them.

The Citizen Economic Empowerment Program was launched in Botswana earlier this year by two of the country’s diamond mining giants – Bank Gaborone and Debswana Mining Company. It is part of a commitment to help local businesses and aims to provide stability and power to those who need it on the ground, while ensuring that local small businesses can access opportunities that they don’t have. would not otherwise because of the large foreign companies often favored. The aim is to exchange skills, knowledge and empower those who need it. Croma had only worked with local businesses as a result of this program and as a result its capacity for growth had been limited.

Kelebonye Mogaladi said: “This partnership with LES is a step forward for us as we try to improve access to better quality lifting equipment for our mining industry here in Botswana. We really look forward to working with LES to make this happen.

Will Dunn, CEO of Lifting Equipment Store, said: “We are very proud to support in such a way that it benefits both parties – we work closely with Croma, Croma gets the order and so do we.

LES has other international distribution agreements in countries such as Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

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Part of the Kingsway Corporation group, Lifting Equipment Store was established in 2012, expanding rapidly in the material handling market while upholding its core goals and maintaining exceptional customer service. Lifting Equipment Store’s global customer list depends on the store to provide top quality lifting equipment, material handling equipment and safety equipment to end users and commerce online, face to face and over the phone. Lifting Equipment Store has a five star rating on Trust Pilot. All of this will help Croma gain access to internationally recognized quality equipment.

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