Letter: What does the Vail symposium have in store for us?

As in 2020, COVID has impacted many organizations in 2021, including the Vail Symposium. Again, we presented virtual programs when we were unable to meet in person. We were able to respond with a strong series, with 40 programs including more than 10 virtual ones. We had a wide range of programs spread across our focus areas; some of these programs, such as the Judy Woodruff and Al Hunt program, were specifically developed as part of our 50th anniversary celebration.

Our winter season kicked off in December 2021 and has continued with three solid programs so far in 2022. A mix of captivating topics, upcoming programs include dives into geopolitical topics, adventures on the highest world peaks, explorations of the mind and more. Additionally, this winter we continued our partnership with the Alliance for Purposeful Living, which we will expand this summer.

COVID concerns have forced us to postpone some programs and convert others from live to virtual, but we hope to reintroduce live programs by the last half of February. While we believe that live programs are a sign of getting back to normal, we realize that virtual programs can accommodate a larger and more diverse audience and we will continue to host a significant number of virtual programs in the future.

Many summer programs are already set, but we continue to pursue more and are very excited about the quality of speakers and topics we will bring to the community, including two programs from our Hot Topics series that are sure to spark discussion. We will also announce new partnerships and opportunities and look forward to seeing you in person.

We recently announced that our Director of Programming, Claire Noble, has accepted a position with Eagle County Government as a Public Relations Officer/Public Information Officer. Claire has made a significant contribution to the Vail Symposium during her 3.5 years with the organization and we know she will make a significant contribution to county government. Currently, we are looking for someone to lead our programming efforts. If you or someone you know is an avid knowledge seeker with an inquisitive mind and interested in developing programs for the community, please consider applying.

As we wrap up this first month of 2022, Vail Symposium is looking forward to the future. 2021 ended on a high note for us and we are well positioned for 2022 for many reasons including the efforts of our Board of Directors, Programming Committee, our donors and most importantly our staff. under the direction of Kris Sabel. We hope to see you virtually and in person soon.

Dale Mosier, Vail Symposium Board of Directors


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