Huawei extracts data on nuclear missiles from the United States?

According to media from the United States of America, various government authorities have opened investigations against the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei. The investigations relate to concerns that cellphone towers equipped with equipment produced by Huawei could be used to extract sensitive information from the military installation.

Sensitive information and data on military exercises and the status of various military and non-military facilities near cell towers equipped with Huawei equipment could be targeted by the Chinese telecommunications company to leak and share information with the Chinese government.

Reports suggest that a similar investigation was opened against Huawei in the early months of 2021 by the Commerce Department, as there were existing concerns over the security of nuclear missile bases and silos.

The United States Department of Commerce in April 2021 served subpoenas on Chinese telecommunications companies to understand and analyze its policy on sharing data with parties outside the United States. The investigation also focuses on the ability of equipment produced by Huawei to capture and transmit various information from a mobile phone, including messages and location data.

The Commerce Department has so far given no clear information or confirmation regarding ongoing investigations against Huawei. He said he would do everything in his power to protect the safety and security of the United States from the unlawful collection of information vital to the economic and national security of the United States.

The Chinese Embassy in Washington also did not provide specific statements regarding recent allegations against the Huawei data mining and leaking company to the Chinese government. A statement from the Chinese Embassy to Reuters news agency said the current US government is abusing state power to suppress China-based telecommunications companies.

The statement also mentions that the United States government has no solid evidence against Chinese telecommunications companies regarding the security threat posed by these multinational companies.

Even though there have been several allegations and investigations against Chinese telecom companies in the past, no investigation or inquiry could provide any evidence. Almost every investigation has failed to prove that Chinese telecom companies’ equipment poses a threat to national security.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a telecommunications regulator in the United States of America, has so far declined to comment on investigative reports against Huawei over national security concerns.



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