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The video which shows the hippo attacking three lions crossing a river in Botswana has been shared on YouTube.

A video of a scary hippopotamus three lions attempting to cross a river in Botswana has recently surfaced online. The incredible interaction between them has left people both amazed and amazed and can have the same effect on you.

The video shared on YouTube by Great Plains Conservation was captured by their guest Jon Leman. Great Plains Conservation is a conservation organization that helps manage several game reserves in Kenya and Botswana. “Hippo chases lion at Selinda Explorers Camp,” they captioned the video. The video shows three lions crossing a river with a fourth standing on the bank. Shortly after, an angry hippo charges and attacks the trio of lions in an apparent show of force and territorial dominance.

“Guests at Selinda Explorers Camp in Botswana recently saw four lions attempt to cross the Selinda Weir but were intercepted by a hippopotamus. The territorial monster moved quickly to see the lions, and an incredible interaction between the big cats and the mega mammal unfolded under the noses of our lucky guests. Luckily, everyone involved made it out unscathed. We feel privileged to have witnessed another remarkable #GreatPlains #safarimoment. Thanks to guest Jon Leman for these incredible images,” they wrote in the video. the description.

Watch the video below:

The video was shared a few days ago and has since received around 33,000 views. The video also received various comments.

“When this hippo was swimming it literally looked like a speedboat,” one individual commented. “The speed at which the hippo approached the lions is insane,” posted another. “Ops! Amazing,” shared a third.

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