Groups call for release of loved ones wrongly detained in military facilities

Networks of groups of victims of the Boko Haram insurgency have come together to demand the release of their loved ones who are still in detention in connection with Boko Haram activities while demanding that justice be done for their unjustified victimization which carried violation of their fundamental human rights.

Groups that gathered as part of the Allamin Foundation on Saturday in Maiduguri staged a rally and called on state and federal governments as well as international communities to step in and ensure justice for their loved ones and families who have been victims of the inhumanity of the army to them.

Speaking at the rally, the foundation’s executive director, Hamsatu Allamin, revealed that more than 3,000 unjustified detainees have been released in the past year by the military, but that several thousand remain in detention while the real insurgents were released into society after committing crimes against the Nigerian society and government.

“The representatives of the victims of the Boko Haram insurgency, their relatives and the survivors wish to appreciate the gesture of the government to secure the release of more than three thousand relatives who have been wrongly detained in military installations for many years.

“But we also want to draw their attention to the fact that thousands of these people are still being detained, albeit wrongly by the military and security agencies, without any charges against them.

“We demand that their rights to life be respected and that basic human rights be restored. They have been held in military installations for more than seven years now without any information on their fate.

“While the Boko Haram fighters who have perpetrated all forms of crime against the Nigerian government live in opulence. As a family, we have endured untold hardships as a result of their wrongful incarceration.

“Some of them are husbands, breadwinners while many others are sons and daughters of elderly parents whose lives have been negatively affected by the detention,” Hamsatu Allamin revealed.

According to the founder of the organization, some of those affected by the military action are young wives, women, children and elderly parents and that her organization has advocated for these victims to be taken care of by the government, but their plea fell on deaf ears.

“There are around 1,800 women and girls registered in our foundation who have been kidnapped but released by Boko Haram terrorists, around 6,653 others including minors who have been detained but released by the army as well as 3,720 mothers from young boys arrested and still in military custody. facilities, all these people are desperate, they have no means of subsistence and no means of income. We begged the government to help these vulnerable people but so far the government has not responded to our call.

“We therefore take this opportunity of International Human Rights Day to call on all international communities as well as the Borno government and the federal government to grant these people their rights to life,” Hamsatu concluded.

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