Government intervention sought on broiler chicken prices

Khammam: Small poultry farmers who grow broiler chicken in Khammam district want the state government to step in and save them from the bigger players in the industry. They accuse market players of manipulating prices due to which those who grow below 15,000 birds suffer losses.

Battu Nagaraju, a poultry owner raising 10,000 birds in Gudurpadu in the Khammam Rural mandal, said, “The price of broiler chicken is high when the big players bring their product to market. But it’s weaker when we take our chicken to the market, ”he complained.

Farmers report spending $ 150 to raise a broiler chicken for 45 days. Its weight will then be 2.5 kg. The poultry farmer will only make a profit if the price of the chicken is 70 per kg. But sometimes traders only buy broiler chicken from them for 50 a kg, which causes them losses.

Nagaraju demanded that the price of broiler chicken be regulated by the government to save small poultry farmers.

The lack of price uniformity across the state is also causing losses, farmers say. In Medak, chicken will be available at 150 per kilo. But it will be 200 in Warangal. Such a situation creates confusion in the market. Farmers want chicken prices the same across Telangana

Parupalli Nageswara Rao, who heads a poultry unit at V. Venkatayapalem in the Raghunadhapalem Mandal, said, “The government should intervene in the ‘mayajalam’ through market forces and do justice to small poultry farmers.” Since there are no government regulations on chicken prices, the big poultry manufacturers are making profits at the expense of small farmers, he said.

The problem also arises after a bird’s age exceeds 45 days. Feeding a bird after this limit is expensive for farmers. So, they try to sell the bird immediately, even if it is at a lower price. Poultry farmers want the government to intervene and protect small farmers from the crisis.

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