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The Fiji Labor Party and Unity Fiji are now prepared to pay $21,000 in costs to the defendants in the action brought against the Government of Fiji, the Speaker of Parliament, the Constitutional Offices Commission and the Attorney General.

The Fiji Labor Party and Unity Fiji had taken the Speaker of Parliament, the Government and the Attorney General to court, demanding a declaration that it is unconstitutional not to allow political parties to bring cases to the High Court if they have problems with the decisions made. by the Registrar of Political Parties and the Electoral Commission.

Late last month, the Chief Justice dismissed the claim and ordered costs for three claims filed by both parties.

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The case was set to be heard today, but the lawyer representing both sides, Sevuloni Valenitabua, told the court his clients were now willing to pay the costs directly to the defendants.

He informed the court that he was withdrawing his application for a stay of execution but would pursue the appeal.

Based on the judgment rendered on the 18th of last month, both parties had to pay the costs of the defendants within seven days of the judgment.

This deadline has passed and Valenitabua has requested seven days to pay the costs.

However, the defendant’s lawyer, Gul Fatima, said the judgment could not be changed and the orders must be complied with.

Chief Justice Kamal Kumar told Valenitabua he could write to the defendant’s lawyer asking for time to pay the costs, which was agreed to by both lawyers.

Judge Kumar granted leave to withdraw the stay of execution, dismissed the application and struck it out.

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