Consult with stakeholders before launching a call for tenders: KMC

Kolkata: In an important step to avoid delays in the tender, the commissioner of the Kolkata municipal company, Binod Kumar, issued a circular directing the tender authority to consult with stakeholders before launching a call for tenders.

The civic body hopes that this would give a clear idea to the contracting authority if there are terms and conditions that make the bid unattractive and unworkable.

This decision follows several recent cases in KMC where tenders were canceled due to an insufficient number of bidders. This happened regardless of the fact that the normal human nature of business dictates that agencies should compete and try to get more and more jobs to maximize their turnover and profits.

“The real contributions of the stakeholder consultation should be incorporated into the tender documents to ensure wider participation. If any flexibilities are needed for this, the approval of the municipal commissioner should be taken beforehand.” said a senior KMC official.

There have been a few occasions when the Kolkata Municipal Corporation has had to relax the qualifying criterion in an attempt to mature the bids after the initial failure.

“If stakeholders are consulted from the outset, delays can be avoided,” the official added.

The chairman of the board, KMC Firhad Hakim, also ordered the relevant department that after consulting with stakeholders, if a sufficient number of bidders is not available, the matter should be immediately brought to its attention.

The Commissioner further stated that from now on, in the event that a tender does not obtain enough bidders, the tender authority should specifically state the reasons for the failure of the tender and whether a consultation of the tenderers. stakeholders has been carried out.

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