Concord Housing + Redevelopment completes large-scale, energy-efficient heating renovation

New VRF heating and cooling system will save energy, reduce costs and improve resident comfort

Unitil recently completed a large-scale, energy-efficient renovation of the heating system at Concord Housing + Redevelopment’s 116-apartment Crutchfield building. The building was fitted with a variable refrigerant flow heating and cooling system, able to take into account thermostats and other conditions and adjust the flow of refrigerant as needed to improve efficiency.

The system can heat and cool the building at the same time to maintain a comfortable temperature for all individual units. New intelligent thermostatic controls also make it possible to monitor the heating remotely. Thanks to the renovation, the Crutchfield apartment building will save 282,408 kWh per year.

“We are delighted with the outcome of this energy efficiency project,” said John Hoyt, executive director of Concord Housing + Redevelopment. “The renovation required careful planning and execution from all parties, all with the aim of improving the lives of our Crutchfield Apartment residents and helping the environment. We were pleased to continue our relationship long-standing relationship with Unitil to provide Concord residents with lower electricity costs and greater comfort.

The project was undertaken and managed by Resilient Buildings Group (RBG), which specializes in a variety of services that help clients achieve energy efficiency and conservation. Under RBG’s leadership, the building’s 1970s electric baseboard heating system was replaced with modern heat pumps that use electricity to move heat rather than simply generate it.

“A project of this scale is the first of its kind in the state of New Hampshire, and we were proud to partner with Concord Housing + Redevelopment and RBG to bring it to fruition,” said Alec O’Meara, Relationship Manager with the media at Unitil. . “This easy to manage and highly efficient energy upgrade will provide many benefits to tenants and management in the future. Many thanks to RBG for doing a fantastic job handling all aspects of this renovation. »

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