Building Homes Together Campaign Announces Five-Year Plan for 5,000 Homes

Chittenden County leaders target 5,000 new homes, a quarter of which are permanently affordable

Vermont Business Magazine This morning, the Building Homes Together campaign launched its second five-year goal to make Chittenden County’s housing market healthier, fairer and more affordable. Supported by more than 125 local leaders, the campaign’s goals include creating 5,000 new homes, including 1,250 permanently affordable homes, over the next five years. The new homes would include a combination of new rental and homeownership developments.

The campaign, led by the Champlain Housing Trust, the Chittenden and Evernorth County Regional Planning Commission, garnered support from dozens of local lawmakers and officials, as well as business, race and equity leaders, social services and community leaders. Several financial institutions and real estate developers supported the goals.

See the list of supporters below.

“We are grateful for the support of all community leaders who support this bold new goal,” said Nancy Owens, Evernorth Co-Chair. “Bringing together and removing barriers, securing and intelligently directing a generation’s unique resources, and removing systemic barriers to housing for Blacks, Indigenous people and people of color all combine to provide us with a transformative opportunity now. “

“For the communities and economy of Chittenden County to be truly successful, we need housing of all types to develop,” said Michael Monte, CEO of Champlain Housing Trust. “But we’ve heard loud and clear from our conversations that affordable options for middle-income households are virtually non-existent and we need to do everything we can to ensure that everyone has a home that they can afford.

The first five-year campaign met its goal of developing more than 3,500 homes (just over 3,600), but failed to keep pace with affordable housing goals – and the pandemic and economic recovery over The slow pace for low-wage workers has only worsened the affordability gaps in the market.

“Our communities are looking for answers and looking to be part of the solution to our housing problems,” added Charlie Baker, executive director of the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission. “It’s going to take historic investment and policy changes to see success both in the short term and to have lasting impact.”

The campaign makes a series of political and financial recommendations, including:

  • Local and state regulatory reforms
  • Invest in existing homes and infrastructure
  • Take advantage of this historic moment with the availability of federal and state resources
  • Support local housing trust funds and fully fund the Vermont Housing & Conservation Board
  • Connecting philanthropy, social investment, businesses and families to create homes for the workforce

Additional background information and a full set of recommendations are attached, or can be found here:

Those who wish to register to support the campaign can do so here:

CAMPAIGN SUPPORTERS (as of 12/13/2021) *
Clay Adams, CEO, Mascoma Bank
Kim Anderson, Director of Development and Communications, Burlington Community Health Centers
Representative Sarita Austin, Vermont General Assembly
Charlie Baker, Executive Director, Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission
Jessie Baker, City Manager, City of South Burlington
Katie Ballard, Chairperson, Essex Housing Commission
Senator Philip Baruth, Vermont General Assembly
Connie Beal, Director of the Working Bridges Initiative, United Way of Northwest Vermont
Kathy Beyer, Senior Vice President, Real Estate Development, Evernorth
Leslie Black-Plumeau, Director of Research and Community Relations, Vermont Housing Finance Agency
Representative Tiffany Bluemle, Vermont General Assembly
Carl Bohlen, Chair, Hinesburg Affordable Housing Committee
Vince Bolduc
Peter Booth, Jericho Affordable Housing Committee
Matt Boulanger, Director of Planning, Town of Williston
Mary Beth Bowman, Hinesburg Affordable Housing Committee
Andrea Brainard
Pam Brangan, GIS Data and Information Technology Officer, Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission
Ken Braverman, President, The Braverman Company
Jesse Bridges, CEO, United Way of Northwest Vermont
Andrew Brown, Chairman, Board of Directors, Village of Essex Junction
Representative Jessica Brumsted, Vermont General Assembly
Julie campoli
Amy Carmola, Impact Manager, United Way of Northwest Vermont
Sarah Carpenter, City Councilor, City of Burlington
Heather Carrington, Community and Economic Development Officer, Town of Winooski
Representative Seth Chase, Vermont General Assembly
Senator Thomas Chittenden, Vermont General Assembly | City Councilor, City of South Burlington
Representative Brian Cina, Vermont General Assembly
Maura Collins, Executive Director, Vermont Housing Finance Agency
Catherine Davis, President, Lake Champlain Chamber
Amy Demetrowitz, Chief Operating Officer, Champlain Housing Trust
Kelly Devine, Executive Director, Burlington Business Association
Mark Demers, Landlord Liaison Officer, Champlain Valley Economic Opportunities Office
Virginie Diambou, Director of Racial Equity, Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity
Chris Donnelly, Director of Community Relations, Champlain Housing Trust
Ben Doyle, President, Preservation Trust Vermont
Paul Dragon, Executive Director, Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity
Molly Dugan, Director of Policy and Strategic Initiatives, Cathedral Square
Meaghan Emery, Vice-President, City Council, City of South Burlington
Eric Farrell, Owner, Farrell Properties
Kim Fitzgerald, CEO, Cathedral Square
James Fraser, Senior Relationship Manager, TD Bank
Liz Gamache, Director of Development, United Way of Northwest Vermont
Yasamin Gordon, Director of Actions, Town of Winooski
Tyeastia Green, Director, Racial Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, City of Burlington
Greg Hahr, Director of Loans, New England Federal Credit Union
Cymone Haiju, Director of Planning, City of Milton
Marilyn Hardacre, Senior Vice President, United People’s Bank
Corey Hennessey, Business Advisor, Vermont Community Loan Fund
Erik Hoekstra, Managing Partner, Redstone
Jennifer Hollar, Director of Policy and Special Projects, Vermont Housing & Conservation Board
Mark Hughes, Executive Director, Vermont Racial Justice Alliance
Heather Hurlbert, Director, Housing and Community Facilities, Vermont Community Loan Fund
Jess Hyman, Associate Director, Housing Adocacy Programs, Champlain Valley Office of Economic Opportunity
Jenny Hyslop, Director of Housing Programs, Vermont Housing & Conservation Board
Jake Ide, Director of Investments and Philanthropy, Vermont Community Loan Fund
Mitzi johnson
Jean Kiedaisch
Rolf Kielman, architect, TruexCullins
Representative John Killacky, Vermont General Assembly
Larry Kupferman, President, South Burlington Affordable Housing Trust Fund
Evan Langfeldt, President and CEO, O’Brien Brothers
Kate Laud, President and CEO, Opportunities Credit Union
Seth Leonard, Executive Director of Community Development, Vermont Housing Finance Agency
Miranda Lescaze, Director of Real Estate Development, Champlain Housing Trust
Mayor Kristine Lott, Town of Winooski
Merrily Lovell, Chairman of the Board of Hinesburg Select
Senator Ginny Lyons, Vermont General Assembly
Regina Mahony, AICP, Planning Program Manager, Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission
Owiso Makuku, Director of Community Development, City of Essex
Greg Marchildon, Director of State, AARP Vermont
Rita Markley, Executive Director, COTS
Emily Mars Raymond, Hinesburg Affordable Housing Committee
David Martins, Director, Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition
Jeffrey McKee, CEO, Burlington Community Health Centers
Kristy mcleod
Robert Millar, President, Winooski Housing Commission
Robert Miller, CEO, VSECU
Michael mittag
Michael Monte, CEO, Champlain Housing Trust
David Mullin, Executive Director, Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity
Representative Emma Mulvaney-Stanak, Vermont General Assembly
Katherine Nelson, Director of Finance, Vermont Community Loan Fund
Patrick O’Brien, SD Ireland Enterprises, GM Construction & Development
Representative Carol Ode, Vermont General Assembly
Nancy Owens, Co-Chair, Evernorth
Lisa Patlis, Director of Communications, Evernorth
Karen Paul, City Councilor, City of Burlington
Senator Christopher Pearson, Vermont General Assembly
Darrilyn peters
Barbara Petrie, Loan Administrator, Vermont Community Loan Fund
Brian Pine, Director, Office of Community and Economic Development, City of Burlington
Phillip Pouech, Board Member, Hinesburg Select Board | Public transport of the Green Mountain
Representative Barbara Rachelson, Vermont General Assembly
Senator Kesha Ram Hinsdale, Vermont General Assembly
Mark Redmond, Managing Director, Spectrum Youth and Family Services
Cindy Reid, Director of Development, Place de la Cathédrale
Helen Riehle, President, City Council, City of South Burlington
Sara Santor, Communications Coordinator, Evernorth
Darren Schibler, Town Planner, City of Essex
Bill Schubart, Magic Hill Press LLC
Catherine schubart
Gus Seelig, Executive Director, Vermont Housing & Conservation Board
Michael Simoneau, Owner and Commercial Broker, Geri Reilly Real Estate
John Simson, South Burlington Affordable Housing Committee
Senator Michael Sirotkin, Vermont General Assembly
Representative Taylor Small, Vermont General Assembly
Marc Snelling
Chris Snyder, President, Snyder Homes
Katherine Sonnick, Planner, City of Jericho
Stephanie spencer
Representative Trevor Squirrell, Vermont General Assembly
Representative Gabrielle Stebbins, Vermont General Assembly
Representative Thomas Stevens, Vermont General Assembly
Kelly Stoddard Poor, Associate Director of State, AARP Vermont
Representative Maida Townsend, Vermont General Assembly
Max Tracy, President, City Council, City of Burlington
Chris Trombly, Chair, South Burlington Affordable Housing Committee
Ravi Venkataraman
Representative Tanya Vyhovsky, Vermont General Assembly
Mayor Miro Weinberger, City of Burlington
Alex Weinhagen, President, Vermont Planners Association
Dale Wernhoff, Hinesburg Affordable Housing Committee
David White, President, White + Burke Real Estate Advisors
Justin Worthley, Senior Vice President, Burton Snowboards
Representative Michael Yantachka, Vermont General Assembly

* Organizations / institutions listed are for identification purposes only and do not necessarily reflect endorsement. For more
information on the Building Homes Together campaign, including how to add your name to this list, visit or email Chris Donnelly at [email protected]

Source: Burlington, Vermont – Champlain Housing Trust 12.14.2021

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