APC stakeholders insist on northern Christian running mate for Tinubu

National stakeholders from the All Progressives Congress have called on the party leadership to restrict the search for its 2023 vice-presidential nominee to a Christian from the North.

Aliyu Audu, the group’s national coordinator, said so at a press conference on Monday.

He added that choosing a Christian from the North as the party’s vice-presidential candidate would ensure national inclusion and help manage differences and promote national unity.

“Having successfully cleared the hurdle of producing a presidential candidate from the southern region in the person of Senator Bola Tinubu, the APC now faces another significant hurdle that it must clear before the deadline of submission of candidacies by political parties”, he explained.

Mr Audu added that the bone of contention “this time around lies in which of the two dominant religious denominations” should produce the running mate.

He added that national APC stakeholders were concerned about the controversy that had heated the regime in recent days.

“Why we are aware that religion should not be a determining factor in our leadership selection process, the particular circumstance in which the nation finds itself calls for thought in the decisions we make, as long as they border on our national lives”, Mr. Audu underlined. “Today the country is deeply divided between our ethnic and religious fault lines and we cannot afford to dismiss these sensitivities in critical decision-making.”

The APC stakeholder urged the ruling party to be guided by “these sensitivities” in selecting Mr Tinubu’s running mate.

He added that to do otherwise would be to further fuel “what divides us and leaves room for troublemakers to take advantage of our differences”.


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