an A-segment electric vehicle platform with a modular design approach

Enable mobility service providers, fleet operators and mobility brands to customize vehicles to their needs

TAIPEI, November 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Foxconn-initiated MIH Consortium has announced Project X, an open, agnostic EV platform for innovators, by innovators. MIH lowers the barrier of entry for companies entering the electric vehicle market to customize vehicles to suit their needs. To make it easier for partners and potential customers to understand the open and agnostic nature of MIH and to realize the technologies developed by the MIH working groups, MIH has published for the first time the timeline and exterior design of Project X and this segment A three-seater The demonstration car should be presented by the end of 2023.

MIH enables innovators to create the future of mobility for the next generation by building an open EV ecosystem with the BYOV (Build Your Own Vehicle) model. With a modular design approach and standardized interfaces, innovative products can be introduced in less time and at lower cost, meeting the needs of different audiences and enabling new business models for car-sharing companies, service providers mobility services, fleet operators, logistics service providers and new brands of electric vehicles. .

“MIH is writing the next chapter of the future of mobility. Project X is a demonstration of a new electric vehicle platform for the ecosystem. We are not only making cars, but also enabling the creation more lifestyles,” said Jack Cheng, CEO of the MIH Consortium. “By thinking beyond today’s vehicles and embracing the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, self-driving and Web3, this vehicle platform can create shared mobility, digital healthcare in a post-pandemic society, entertainment and other future applications unimaginable today. . Project X’s goal is to develop the world’s most iconic open EV platform for innovators, by innovators.”

MIH invites its MIH members to participate and co-create this platform at the early stage of vehicle development and implements technologies developed by MIH working groups, including powertrain, battery systems combined with fixed charging and battery exchange technology, zonal electrical and electronic architecture (EEE) and decentralized identifier (DID) for better privacy. The A-segment vehicle platform is just the beginning, MIH will be launching six- and nine-seat vehicle platforms in the coming years to provide more choice of vehicle segments to enable more innovation.

The MIH Consortium has over 2,500 members and held its annual MIH Demo Day event on November 8e with more than 2,000 in-person and online attendees, and 100 partners attending the event, including Hon Hai Technology Group, emerging luxury electric vehicle brand Karma Automotive, TomTom, National Instruments (NI), NXP, the automotive security company Trend Micro VicOne, Salesforce, and more.

About the MIH Consortium

The MIH Consortium is creating an open electric vehicle ecosystem that fosters collaboration across the mobility industry. We realize key technologies, develop benchmark designs and standards, while bridging the gap between ecosystem members, reducing barriers to entry, accelerating innovation and shortening development cycles. Our goal is to bring strategic partners together to build the next generation of mobility services, autonomous driving and electric vehicle applications. Through this transformation of the automotive industry and the smart mobility space, we are helping to maintain a sustainable future. MIH stands for Mobility in Harmony, which sums up our vision.

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