2023: PDP stakeholders put down roots for Wike

After observing the botched response of the government led by President Muhammadu Buhari to several challenges plaguing the nation and threatening its unity, chief among them insecurity, the clerics, the political elite and other stakeholders called on the President to put an end to his trance and stem the slide. in anomie.
On the occasion of this year’s Easter celebration, they stressed that instead of leaving the nation to remain at sea and allowing insecurity to escalate on a scale never seen before, the government must think of original way to find solutions, as well as to procure a healing balm for a grumpy nation.
The Prelate of the Methodist Church in Nigeria, His Eminence, Dr. Samuel Uche, specifically called on President Buhari to prepare and stop the ugly situation because “government would only be relevant if they are able to protect the life and property of its citizens. ”
Uche urged the president to sit down and tighten up the details so that the worsening insecurity at all levels is stopped. “I know the government has immense intelligence and knows where these people are. Therefore, they should not be treated with children’s gloves; they should consider them criminals, terrorists and treat them as such,” he said.
Emphasizing the “urgent need to do something”, he noted that even though President Buhari’s term will end very soon, his actions and inaction until he leaves office will affect the political party he is in. represented. According to the Prelate, “Buhari’s failure is his party’s failure, and his success is his party’s success. If he likes his party, he should pull himself together and rewrite the bad impression people have of him and his party. I speak as a religious leader, not as a politician.
Uche advised President Buhari to “sit down, be awake and attentive to the mandate given. He must use it wisely and responsibly.
Regarding the Easter season and what it embodies, Uche called on leaders and Nigerians to learn from Jesus Christ who showed love in all endeavors while exhibiting a very high standard of servant leadership .
“Jesus cared for those he ruled, he was willing to make any form of sacrifice for the betterment of their lot as he was willing to die…” he noted .
For Catholic Bishop of Oyo Diocese, Archbishop Emmanuel Badejo, political leaders must also wake up and save the nation from complete collapse, adding that their insincerity and inaction have harmed all citizens.
In his Easter message titled “Life Conquers Death: God Has Done His Part,” Bishop Badejo said, “All the betrayal, rejection, oppression, lies and wickedness of the powerful will one day be overcome by justice and love. Light will win, darkness will fail.
Badejo, however, urged Nigerians, especially Christians, not to lose hope in the challenges facing the nation while calling on world leaders to abandon war and embrace peace.
“I say to all our governments and all leaders, your insincerity and inaction have done enormous damage to all, wake up and save Nigeria, this beautiful country and its people from complete collapse. break out justice and peace and save your name in history,” he said.
For his part, the Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, His Grace, Bishop Alfred Adewale Martins, observed that, without a doubt, the insecurity has worsened considering the brazen manner in which the so-called bandits have acted. .
He lamented the brazenness of the bandits, who recently claimed the government knew what it wanted and that if it was not granted it would continue to make the country unsafe.
While expressing surprise that government and security agents allegedly know the locations and phone numbers of said bandits, Martins said the government and security agencies led by Buhari had let the Nigerians down.
“Either the government is overwhelmed or elements within it don’t want to fix the problem. Nigerians should know what bandits want. It is worrying that Kaduna State, which has many military formations and institutions, is the epicenter of recent attacks. One wonders what agenda is behind this ongoing assault on innocent people in homes, on the roads and even on the rails.

“Indeed, elections are approaching and Nigerians should not just accept sweeping promises of a better life. We must ask for details of the plans they have to deal with the economic crisis, the problem of the famous oil theft, the problem of insecurity and the crisis in the education sector. We need to know how they intend to solve the problem of borrowing more money and so on. Promises must be backed by concrete plans to deliver them,” he said.

The cleric noted that since Easter is a sign of hope that good will always triumph over evil, the issues we currently face as individuals, families and as a nation would not overwhelm us.

Martins prayed for the light of the risen Christ to overwhelm the darkness of evil in the country and asked Nigerians not to lose hope but to continue to pray as they strive to do all they can to meet the challenges.

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